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Virtual Kitchen


Commercial kitchens optimized for delivery

commercial kitchen specifications

Our kitchens have been designed to meet the requirements of the Food and Beverage Canada – Aliments et boissons Canada. We understand that not every business is the same, so our kitchen layouts and specifications can be adapted to suit your restaurants' needs.



  • Three Compartment Sink

  • Hand Wash Sink

  • Shared Dry, Cold & Frozen Storage

  • Commercial Exhaust Hood

  • Stainless Steel Work Benches

  • Commercial Refrigeration



  • Fire safety system

  • A support team at your disposal

  • Daily maintenance services

  • Security services

  • Wireless



  • Extraction & Ventilation

  • Natural Gas & Interlock System

  • ANSUL Fire Suppression System

  • Single Phase Electricity

  • Hygienic Walls & Skirting

  • 24/7 Building Access

  • 1. What is a ghost kitchen?
    A ghost kitchen is a business, operating from a premises that prepares food ordered online for delivery directly to customers. Think of it as a virtual restaurant operating a digital storefront, with a few back-of-house staff members working on fulfilling online orders. In other words, ghost kitchens are restaurants without a dining space. Their focus is to sell and fulfill online orders for delivery using third-party apps like UberEats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, or with their own delivery app. As a result, they generally have no visible storefront.
  • 2. How does a ghost kitchen work?
    The first step is to rent one of Q-ZN’s premiere ghost kitchens. You then need to setup your equipment or use the equipment that you rented from Q-ZN. Your kitchen is customizable so remember to use the space efficiently. You will also need to setup your online menus on the various delivery apps. Once this is all done, you are ready to start taking orders and delivering delicious meals to your clients. A Q-ZN Ghost Kitchen is ready to go with high-powered HVAC, gas, electricity, 3-compartment sinks, walk-in fridge space, Internet, and MAPAQ certification. Tenants are given a base kitchen and can curate their space to their specific needs (fryers, grills, ovens, etc.).
  • 3. Are virtual kitchens profitable?
    Absolutely. The average cost to open a restaurant is $500,000 with an uphill battle to profitability. In-fact, high start-up costs cause 60% of restaurants to fail in the first year, 80% in the first five years. Ghost kitchens are a proven solution. Take a look at this grid to compare a Q-ZN ghost kitchen to a traditional restaurant:
  • 4. How does a smart kitchen help your restaurant grow?
    A Ghost kitchen is a turnkey solution allowing you to focus on what you do best – preparing incredible meals. It also allows restaurants to test varying dishes and marketing styles with multiple consumer facing brands. And if something doesn’t work, you don’t need to sweat it. Just pivot to a new concept. Unlike in a traditional restaurant, you get to experiment with low risk and low cost.
  • 5. How much do ghost kitchens cost?
    Every ghost kitchen has different pricing models. At Q-ZN, we charge a flat monthly rent with minimum 1-year lease commitments. We want our restaurants to be profitable and to focus on what they do best – cooking delicious meals.

how we compare

to traditional restaurants

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