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Virtual Kitchen

short term kitchen rentals

Our short-term kitchen rental business, located within the ghost kitchen facility at 208 rue Migneron, Ville Saint Laurent, aims to provide flexible and convenient kitchen spaces for food entrepreneurs. In addition to our annual contracts, we are now offering hourly, daily, and weekly- short-term rentals in Kitchener, catering to various needs and schedules. We also provide storage options, allowing clients to rent dry storage shelves and walk-in fridge shelving. The entire booking process, including payments, will be facilitated through an online platform called the Food Corridor. With secure access, convenient key and FOB placement, and multiple security deposits, we will ensure a safe and hassle-free experience for our clients who offer the best food delivery solutions.

We will operate this business within the established virtual kitchen facility we built in 2021 at 208 rue Migneron, Ville Saint Laurent. By leveraging the advantages of this shared infrastructure, we provide cost-effective and flexible short-term for-rent kitchens to a diverse range of food businesses. Located in a prime area, our facility offers an ideal environment for culinary creativity, collaboration, and growth.

The market for short-term rentals in Kitchener is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing popularity of renting ghost kitchens and the dynamic nature of the food industry. Our target customers include food truck operators, catering businesses, pop-up restaurants, and food delivery and virtual restaurant concepts.

​Q-ZN is a reliable and professional short-term kitchen rental service that prioritizes convenience and flexibility. Q-ZN is committed to empowering food entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary resources to succeed. We also provide a clean and professional environment with a state-of-the-art facility.

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